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Good afternoon dear friends and participants of the Chickens Farm project.
For the correct and stable operation of our site, and, accordingly, stable payments to you, we recommend using a VPN service.
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Sincerely, the project administration



Dear friends, we are 5 years old! This is great news! During this time, we have paid more than 49,000,000 rubles to our members and more than 1,300,000 of our partners have joined us! In connection with this round date, we are giving you a super promotion +200% to any balance replenishment! Good luck and big profit to everyone!

How to attract referrals?

Dear friends, the answer to a frequently asked question! How to attract a lot of referrals and make more money?

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How to attract referrals?

Dear friends, the answer to a frequently asked question! How to attract a lot of referrals and make more money?

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Super promotion for replenishment starts!

Dear friends, project participants and investors!
By popular demand, we are launching a special offer for you! With any replenishment of the balance, you will receive +200% to your account! We wish you success and good income!

5000 silver for registration!

Dear friends! We give you a 5000 silver bonus for registering in our project!


Dear friends, project participants and investors! We are launching a special offer for you! When replenishing the balance from 1000 rubles, you will receive +200% to your account! We wish you success and good income!

Competition for the best video starts !!!

Dear friends!!! From 20.09.2017 to 20.11.2017 a competition for the best video with a prize fund of 15,000 rubles starts !!!
Send links to the video to the technical support of our economic project.

Super Promotion for replenishment!

Only until December 7 for any replenishment over 1000 rubles + 100% as a gift!

Replenishment promotion!

Dear friends!!! Earn easy with us!!! Only until December 7 for any replenishment over 1000 rubles +100% as a gift!

Replenishment promotion!

Hello dear friends! From today we have launched a special offer: when replenishing more than 100 rubles, you will receive
BONUS +100%
to the top-up amount. The promotion is held on a temporary basis. Successful game to you !!!

Replenishment promotion!

Attention! For a short time, a Promotion has been launched for any replenishment up to +50%, valid until 04/20/2016 (inclusive).
Read more about bonuses on the replenishment page!

+15% for any replenishments!
+25% for replenishment from 500 rubles!
+35% for replenishment from 1000 rubles!
+50% for replenishments from 2500 rubles!

Productivity of Chickens!

The productivity of the 3rd, 4th and 5th chicken is increased! A field with the email addresses of your invitees has been added to your referrals page! Enjoy the game everyone!

Referral program percentage

Especially for our players and active referrals, we have changed the percentage accrued from the replenishment of your referrals! Now you will receive 30% of every deposit made by your referrals! More and more bonuses and interest for our players, enjoy the game everyone!


Attention! Today a new payment system for withdrawing money Yandex was added! Withdrawal of funds is carried out by our operator in manual mode, within 24 hours. To link a Yandex wallet, you first need to go through verification using Payeer. Withdrawal to Payeer was transferred instantly! Enjoy the game everyone!


There were minor problems with the hosting! Today the project has successfully moved to a new stable hosting! Enjoy the game everyone!

Soon! Yandex

Dear players! Soon, such a payment system as Yandex will be available on the project, the addition of the WebMoney payment system is still under consideration.

Withdrawals and forums

We've raised the percentage earned when selling silver! Now silver is distributed in proportions: 70% for purchases and 30% for withdrawals. Also, our project was posted on several of the largest forums about earnings, you can find them on the project reviews page!

The amount is lowered!

Dear players! We have lowered the required deposit amount to start ordering payments, from 50 rubles to 10 rubles! And those users who have at least one active referral do not need a deposit to start ordering payments.

Free Kassa

Dear players! Soon, a new payment system Free Kassa will be available on the project to replenish the balance.

We have opened!

Chickens Farm is an amazingly extraordinary withdrawal project! Starting today, we are celebrating our opening and will delight our players with honest payments and various bonuses! We will help the project develop together, enjoy all the games!